About TREOO.com

TREOO.com is a creation by Treoo Group Pte. Ltd., formerly known as Treoo Group, established in mid-2008 and was first known as NEWFU.com which provided novelty & low cost ideas for the Singapore market amidst the economic downturn. TREOO.com was later developed to explore specifically the professional sound and audio market.

TREOO.com continued to expand inventory and have since grown in to a popular place for all things audio. With a significant customer database and with the largest product catalogue, TREOO.com is now the largest earphone & headphone online store in Singapore. We are also Singapore's most preferred authorised retailer for more 7,000+ products from close to 300 audio brands online.

Our Mission.
Our aim is to create a safe place where music and sound can be heard uninterrupted by everyday noises of the World around us. With the latest advances in audio technology we aim to provide a private sanctuary that can be enjoyed no matter what is going on around us, giving the freedom to focus on the issues at hand. Listening to music is a personal experience and that good quality headphones provide a way to isolate yourself from the fast-paced World around you, TREOO.com will do our best to serve you.

At TREOO.com, we don't recommend any one manufacturer, because we believe that everyone is an individual, with differing likes and preferences. What works for one person may not be right for another. So many different factors go into the decision over what headphones are right for a particular application. We pride ourselves on having a deep technical understanding of the technology, so we can give you sound advice for your headphone purchase. 

TREOO.com is committed to creating a strong community of audiophiles, erecting a platform to interact and share the enthusiasm for sound, thereby bringing more people together to appreciate music and audio products. This can be achieved by giving our customers a peace of mind when it comes to better pricing, before and after-sales service for our customers, emphasizing the need to instill the brand confidence in the products TREOO.com carries. TREOO.com definitely insists on Genuine and Authentic products.

Our Service.

  • Quick Response Time - chat with us or give us a call for us to assist you immediately during our opening hours. If not, simply drop us an email and we'll reply in a few hours (even minutes).

  • Flexibility and Convenience - when you shop with us, we do our best in every possible way to make it your shopping experience not just a positive one, but a happy one.

  • News and Updates - we launch new products every day to keep every one engaged. Follow us on Facebook! A platform we'd always count on for updating our customers and followers.

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