Coupon Code & VIP Member Terms & Conditions

  • All coupons and VIP member benefits are applicable only to regular priced items, items that are already on sale price cannot receive further discounts via coupon code. (Audio$ can still be applied to on-sale products)
  • Coupons and VIP member benefits cannot be used with the following type of products unless specifically stated otherwise:
       - Gift Vouchers
       - Bundle Deal Purchases
       - Accessory products such as: batteries, cables, replacement cables, eartips, earpads,
         earplugs, storage/protective cases
       - Custom IEM / IEM Reshelling Service
       - Custom-made Cables
       - Ear Impression / Repair / Retermination Services

    Any products from the following brands:
       - Apple
       - AudioBox
       - Audiosense
       - Beats Powerbeats Pro
       - Bluesound
       - Campfire Audio
       - Cowon
       - Denon
       - EarStudio
       - Klipsch
       - Lehmann Audio
       - Linum
       - Logitech (Gaming)
       - Mackie
       - OPPO
       - Oriolus
       - Pelican
       - Q-Acoustics
       - RAAL-requisite
       - Radsone
       - Ranger
       - Razer (for Mercury colour/Quartz Edition models)
       - Samson
       - SonicGear
       - Sonos
       - Sony CFD, NW, PCM, SRF, SRS series products
       - Sony MDR-CD900ST & MDR-EX800ST
       - Schiit Audio
       - ub+
       - van den hul
       - VE Monk
       - Yamaha
       - Zero Audio

    Any specific products from the following list:

  • Limit of one coupon code per order and not combinable with any other coupon offers
  • Coupons will not be redeemable after an order is confirmed and submitted online
  • Coupons cannot be exchanged, refunded, replaced or redeemed for cash
  • reserves the right to change or cancel coupon promotions at any time without prior notice

If you face difficulties in applying a coupon during checkout, and the reason is not listed above, please contact us for assistance.

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